:: Call and ask about Magna Flow's new 4" Diesel systems available for Ford, Dodge and Chevy.
:: Looking for some sound, gas mileage and performance on your pickup or domestic car? Our custom dual jobs start at $299.00.
:: The Exhaust Shop also specializes in exhaust systems for Import owners as well.

The Exhaust Shop offers a wide range of products and services to meet today's ever increasing need for performance and reliability. We specialize in designing, installing and maintaining exhaust systems for most applications.

When choosing an exhaust professional, it is important to relate experience and environment to price. The Exhaust Shop offers many years experience with exhaust systems, has built a shop with only the best of tools, machinery and technology, and can still deliver a competitive price to the customer.

Let us design, install and maintain the exhaust system on your next project vehicle. We will honor your feedback and suggestions so that our systems and service will be matched to meet your needs.